This is my second time making a Inuyasha costume. He is my friend's favorite Anime Character. He loves going as him. Bought the material at Walmart, along with the nails. Bought the wig from Cosworx. The contacts were bought from a local store out where we live. He goes bare foot. The fake fangs were bought from a Halloween store.

Just re-did the Shirt. Made a White Shirt for it under neath. So its more like Inuyasha's.


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Series InuYasha
Character InuYasha


Kagome2541 Amazing job! :) Does your friend have a cosplay account?

anime_wench Niiiice, I love it! You look amazing! ^_^

Thowra Thank you everyone for such Nice Comments! It means alot!:)

Blood_Sword Awesome Inuyasha, definitely one of the better ones! ^^

Kagome_Yasha OMG the ultimate Inuyasha fan!!! I must learn from you! lol

Chocobo chic your inuyasha is PERFECT!

Cheiko Awesome IY costumes! Your entire group looks amazing, its rare to to see such a good looking InuYasha costume :) Keep up the awesome work!

jounink I adore this cosplay. Its very rare for me to see an outstanding inuyasha such as this. Your shippo is adorable too. Also, Thanks very much for your comment!