Nana Osaki


@love squad
@love squad
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Series NANA
Character Nana Osaki

SakuraxTsubasa This might be the simplest cosplay ever, but you pull it off AMAZINGLY well and you've got her makeup and expressions down pat!

Japanimemusic Oh wow! This is perfect! I love Nana! You look just like her!

Hylianinja Wow... 0.0 You look just like her!!

Miss_misa You are so perfect!!!!! *O*

MurderBear You look just like the manga! Not just costume, but your face

zaphyro whaaa you look awesome O_____O!!

miiyu YAY! Your Nana-Cos is PERFECT!!! Best I`ve ever seen *___* wow!

MionBloodyMess ....Your the best Nana ever!!!

KitsuneSqueak Wow, you look so much like Nana.

neko-neko this is just... amazing o_____o

Aeth Perfect eyes .. just perfect:)