Fox McCloud

Star Fox: Assault



Fox McCloud from the game Starfox Assault with Smash Bros Brawl stuff added in over the years.

I always wanted to do a Fox cosplay someday. I never see him cosplayed much, especially him in his Assault outfit, so I thought Id pay homage to my favorite Nintendo character and give it a shot!

Update 2012: Replacing his boots, rainboots are terrible to walk in for long hours. I'm also going to redo his pauldrons and fasten them to the jacket with Chicago screws since the previous versions got ruined in storage.

Head v2: 100%
G-Suit: 100%
Gloves: 100%
Blaster v2: 100%
Reflector: 100%
Tail v2: 100%
Boots: 100%
TacPad: 100%
Belt Strap v2: 100%
Belt Buckle v2: 100%
Holster: 100%
Armored Vest v2: 100%
Leg Guards: 100%
Elbowpads: 100%

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Last Updated 8 years ago
Created 14 years ago
Series Star Fox: Assault
Character Fox McCloud
Variant Starfox Assault/SSB Brawl Hybrid


Alannaphrat superbe^^

oathtoorder AWESOME ! ~ do a barrel roll !~

Dragulas Great job!

Amaterasu01 This is a rad costume!!!!!!! Good job!!!!! =D

krystal89 Were did u get that costume? Oh yeah, do you know were to buy Starfox and Krystal costumes?