Squall Leonhart

Final Fantasy VIII



This is Squall Leonhart from Final Fantasy VIII. I actually borrowed the jacket, the Greiver necklace and the dog collars (the belts around the leg) from my friend Steve. The shirt, pants, boots, other belts and wig are mine though. Yeah... and thank god for those boots. The pants I had were really long on me (as I'm only 5'3"; cosplaying Squall would be a problem, especially since my Rinoa was 5'5"), and I found those perfect boots at a thrift store. They make me like four inches taller I swear, and the pants are long enough that the obvious heels are covered up. The wig was cut and styled by my mom and me, though neither of us have wig experience so maybe that could be improved. It also took 60 bobbypins to pin all my hair to my head. Sheesh that took forever.

But I love Squall and had a great time cosplaying him. I hope I looked enough like a boy.


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Series Final Fantasy VIII
Character Squall Leonhart


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