Miaka Yuuki

Fushigi Yuugi



I love the designs in all the artwork and really wanted to cosplay one. I chose this one.

I simply adore the wig. I ordered it from Amphigory. It resembles my Diao Chan wig from a front view, but is completely different in the back. Since there is no artwork showing the back, I added embellishments that would make it more "royal." The gold hair stick are constructed out of gold clay and baked. The flowers on the hair clips are also made this way.

Most of the costume is made with casa satin. The blue and white fabrics are cotton. The "beading" is puffy paint with microbeads sprinkled on.

The sash is casa satin with gold fabric paint for the designs.

All ribbons are well.... ribbons! The gold "links" were sculpted by me.


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Series Fushigi Yuugi
Character Miaka Yuuki
Variant Artbook cover


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