Emerald / Esmeraude

Sailor Moon R



Costume Details: This was a super budget cosplay. I got the black spandex for $1 in the bargin bin. The dress and gloves are made of that material. The necklace and wrist gem is made of keepsakes, painted on the inside with green metallic pain, with stung pearls glued on the sides. Fan I got for $3 on Ebay. Shoes I got for $6 at Savers and then altered the points into them. Wig got for $20 of of e-bay too and is such a LOVELY wig. I really like. Earring gems were also a dollar.

Personal Thoughts: I was asked to Emerald a few years ago for a Black Moon group, but it feel through. Doing Emerald kind of grew on me once Nessa and Kasou did their Blakc Moon outfits, but thought of doing Prisoner Usagi was just to daunting. So on a whim I decided to do Emerald to go with them at ALA. TADA!


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Series Sailor Moon R
Character Emerald / Esmeraude
Variant anime


MsBrandonHeat It is amazing that you did such a stellar job on this cosplay on such a budget!! <3 <3 <3

Japanimemusic Awesome!

Rai3 wow you totally captured my favorite sailor moon villian! great job especially for the budget :)

shattered_song omigosh i LOVE emerald! you did her beautifully! all of your costumes are just stunning!-i would DIE to have you as my trish!! <3

Deuce'N'Domino I remember Emerald! Great job on her!