Ranka Lee

Macross Frontier



I am Macross fan (do you remember love/ 7/ Plus and Frontier ). I love the combination of love drama, dog fights, space travel and most of all--- THE MUSIC!

I loved Macross Frontier~ The music integrated very well with the story and scenes. The tension among Alto, Ranka and Sheryl was tense. I'm actually a Sheryl fan (but cosplay wise--- I don't think I suit being Sheryl. She's too HOT!)

I'm quite petite, dark skinned and thin so~ I cosplayed Ranka~ Ranka's songs and voice really calms me.

&gt;Bought the fabrics at my friend's shop (thanks to Justine! for the generous discounts<3)
&gt;Had the costume made by our wonderful tailor~<3
&gt;Styled the wig and made the crappy tophat.


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Series Macross Frontier
Character Ranka Lee
Variant loli maid version


AlmostHolly I've seen so many Ranka cosplays but I really have to say that this is one is one of the better ones I've seen. You really suit the character, you look adorable, and it looks very well-made!