Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga



Made this dress as a surprise for all my Lady Gaga lovin' friends at Youmacon. I really love this dress because of its lines. I mean, How many things do you wear have a perfect diagonal on them?

The triangle mirror piece was made with stiff interfacing and a single piece of wire to keep its shape. The top was made from wet look spandex, sewn to a bra that could go strapless or with a strap. The skirt was done with wet spandex and wear. The eyelashes were from Wal-mart. God I love Halloween costume stuff!

Wig bought from


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Created 10 years ago
Series Lady Gaga
Character Lady Gaga
Variant The Fame Ball Dress


anime_wench Way too cool for school! ^_^

LadyofRohan This is one of my favorite cosplays in the entirety of the whole site <3! You REALLY look like her!

Harleykins oh my gaga, i love you so much. please tell me you'll be at youmacon this year. :D

Ammie You gotta love Gaga and all her out of this world fashion statements! You would make miss Gaga proud! Excellent craftsmanship!

VampiricMosaic Okay I must know, how did you get that Disco part on your dress?! lol! It looks fantastic! And those eye lashes are fabulous <3

Lando I think I'm Gaga for this cosplay...and with a side of cheese! XD Awesome job. ^_^

Unicornjud Frickin Amazing! Gosh I love Gaga-cosplay!

Ramonachan Great job, love it!!!

Daya ~ Kairi twins XD you and Lady gaga !

devious-tofu LOOOOVE IT <3

saskatoo Awesome! The dress looks so good :)