All that I made: corset, skirt, fingerless gloves, jewellery (I modified the cross) and roses' crown.
All that I bought: sunshade, fan and contact lenses.

For the corset part, my granny helped me much more to sew it than with all of my pieces for my Pandora costume! I never had sewn such a difficult piece like this one, so I wasn't able to make a top-notch one and that was I was looking for.
I tried so hard to make one but it was not good at all so for the second time, I asked for her help and we have worked together on it and this time, it was just perfection for me *_*
We used a pale pink fabric (jacquard): she sewn the visible part and I sewn the lining so when you see my corset in front, it's ok but when you look the inside part... hahaha *sweats* No, please don't!!!

Whatever... it was a great sewing experience!


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Terraselkie absolutely beautiful!

Garuda_Aiacos Beautiful! :D