Noel Vermillion

BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger



Ok, so some friends of mine have a Ragna and Jin cosplay from BlazBlue and they got me addicted so i'm doing it xD Noel is the project to compliment * Mik0 Muffin ! 's Rachel and Einobaka's Jin. Debuted at Otakon 2010 :D

(I discovered I really like working with craft foam because I did a LOT of it with Noel. <3 Noel~)


*Dress: Matte blue cotton, white cotton, and black pleather. Dress pattern-heavily modified new look 6468, ribbon black and gold detailing. Invisible zipper in the back of the dress, and metal bit at the dip of her dress is a square of craft foam spray painted silver. Dress diamonds on the bottom of her dress out of craft foam (spray painted and glazed)!

*Sleeves: blue and black cotton with layered interface for stiffness. Additional craft foam used to made the top part of the sleeve curved and sturdy. Used yellow ribbon for trim and gold buttons. Red matte pleather used to make the hanging attachments on the arm cuffs.

*Arm cuffs: Einobaka's awesome skill did this xD I think he used pvc pipe and rubber tubing and other fancy stuff to make it awesome xDD

*Gloves: wrist length white gloves bought from FD.

*Beret: Blue cotton with molded craft foam on one side and velcroed band for easy wear. Metal plate- craft foam yay :D (Needs to be redone tho because I kinda tore the metal thing from the beret xDD)

*Stockings: already in my collection ;D (Though I had to get another pair because I forgot to bring them to the con xDD)

*Shoes: modified a pair of ankle boots and made permanent boot covers out of blue cotton. top piece was just white and blue cotton trimmed with yellow ribbon and sewed on to the top of the boot. Crosses were made out of cut out craft foam and gluing the material on to it, and then gluing to the shoe. Metal toe covers made by amazing Einobaka~.

*over military coat: definitely a project for after otakon, not gonna be for a while sorry! (definitely cottons though, and black pleather for the strap things xD)


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Series BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger
Character Noel Vermillion
Variant Uniform


XxColdRealityxX Wow, Im surprised that you dont have more comments, this is truely amazing! Your craftfoam work is like, perfect!

Lycorisa you're a really good noel! Awesome cosplay^^