2009 update! My Orochimaru costume's been entirely re-made for a photoshoot, although I felt like wearing it at a con, for old times' sake. Even today Orochimaru still has lots of fans! I even managed to scare a bunch of kids XD


Another anime villain with long hair! And another simple costume, if you don't count the purple rope thing. There had already been many Naruto cosplay groups, but none was as super huge as ours: 40 cosplayers AND 40 different characters! This was also my first experience as head of group. *proud* (can you imagine that? Orochimaru as the leader :'D)


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zane uchiha Great Orochimaru. Any tips for a first time oro Cosplayer

TheChainOfFate WOW, thats a good Oro-sennin, haha :D

Neko-Zombie you make a amazing orochimaru sama

Emeraldas85 GENIAL X3

LayRrnMusic This is seriously Awesome. :) You rock as Oro-Sama.