Asuma Sarutobi




Basically i have the physical build for asuma-sensei (portuguese heritage), and i was toying with idea of cosplaying as him as i relate quite a bit with him.
Even though i don't smoke :p

The hardestthing was for sure the damm jounin jacket. i had several moldes and patterns that i downloaded of the internet but they didnt seem to quite be right so i went though to camping shops and found me a fishing jacket that i dent took appart completely and use the pieces for a basic mold, the jacket is insulated with white fabric foam and all the pockets are fully functional

Finally i made a costume with pockets !!
Woop woop!!


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Created 9 years ago
Series Naruto
Character Asuma Sarutobi
Variant Asuma


Braithcakes possibly one of the best yet craziest looking sarutobis I've seen