Tamao Suzumi

Strawberry Panic!



My friend Meredith and I have been wanting to do Strawberry Panic cosplay since we first started watching the series a long time ago. So we finally got a group together and cosplayed from the series. We decided to go with the summer uniforms because it gets pretty warm down here in Georgia and we wanted to be comfortable. And we succeeded because these costumes were so comfortable we spent almost all day in them Friday at the con. I was worried my wig would start to bother me since it's such a heavy beast. But I sewed a comb into the front of it and that made it so much easier to wear.

About making it: We all used McCall's 5232(altered a little bit) for our St. Miator jumpers. I made the jumpers for myself and our Kaori out of green gabardine. We all ordered our blouses which made it easier to match, and altered those a bit. I used a Leg Avenue petticoat, but the black ruffle you see if kind of fake petticoat. In the show their petticoats peak out from under their jumpers, but my petticoat was too short. So I made the ruffle and attached to my jumper under where I would later put on the decorative bias tape to hide the stitching. And my wig started out as a Kelly in midnight blue. I followed a tutorial from Doctored Locks to make a weft out of loose blue and black hair so that I could attach it to the bottom of my wig and then pull it all up into a ponytail. Then I braided the excess hair from the wig and twisted it into a bun. But that still wasn't big enough so I used more loose hair to make another braid and added that to the bun. And the highlights in the wig come from bits of weft I sewed in that were leftovers from the extra hair I needed to style my Primera wig.


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Series Strawberry Panic!
Character Tamao Suzumi
Variant summer uniform


Mary_neko Amazing job with the wig O_O I plan to cosplay Nagisa but I'm scared. I could never style a wig that good.

LarasShadow OMG I LOVE THE SUMMER OUTFIT! you made it beautifully and I love the wig :)