B-wing Pilot (Version 1)

Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi

@Blue Leader


This is the first incarnation of my B-wing pilot outfit. Pleas see version 2 for the latest version and changes of this outfit. (http://www.cosplay.com/costume/421334)

This outfit includes a red flight suit, LED-lit chestbox and details, cloth cap, solid "metal" helmet with details, black gloves, black boots, tan gaiters with details, white ejection strap, white cloth-covered hose, white belt with silver metal flares and details, dark gray flak vest.

-Version one started mid-2009.
-Version one finished August 4, 2010.
-Version two started January 10, 2011.
-Version two finished April 7, 2012.
-Version three started April 12, 2012.


@Blue Leader
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Series Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi
Character B-wing Pilot (Version 1)
Variant Added code cylinders and LED commpad


Altrus That's pretty epic! Pretty awesome build you used, I like the detailed process pictures!

Blue Leader Version two has been finished! I am now starting version three of the outfit! Will it ever end?

Bluehentrooper This looks like a really cool costume. I'd like to see photos of you wearing the finished helmet, though.

Blue Leader I have finally started working on my new (hopefully more accurate) B-Wing pilot helmet! I've posted some pictures of the progress thus far, and have also posted a new journal entry regarding it.

Blue Leader I am now an official member of the Rebel Legion. Woohoo! http://www.rebellegion.com/forum/costume.php?mode=view&c=4806

Blue Leader Yay, it's finally finished! Took me over a year to do this thing. >>;;