Minato Arisato

Persona 3



This is the second version of my previously posted Minato Arisato cosplay.
I decided to repost it because there are some major changes on it. So it is, in fact a second version.

1) The white shirt is made of linen.
2) I made the Evoker. And it’s made of Foam and MDF. Really.
3) The new wig, styled for me to use on this cosplay, without cutting it.
4) I made all the accessories.
5) The coat was made by Ozana and I styled it.
6) The boots are pure LOVE! [3]
7) Little Jack Frost by made of awesome Sardinha.
8) SEES arm band made by me and Sardinha. We put so much love on it, can you see the love? *_*

Other comments:
I decided to go with a second version of this cosplay because it is one of my lucky and winning cosplays. Everytime I wear it I win a contest. LOL
Or when I use it I end up having toons of fun or appearing on TV. (?)
Strange, maybe this cosplay has really turned out very good in the end. O_O


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Series Persona 3
Character Minato Arisato
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