Six tails Kyuubi/Naruto


As of 2014, this costume is retired.

Body: The body is a dark red full zentai suit that I ordered online, the material is Lycra. I then used black fabric paint (Tulip brand soft) to paint all of the black on the suit.

Tails: The tails were a custom pattern created by me, basically in the shape of a "J". Two of my six tails have hidden pockets to store my money, camera, phone and whatever else i may want.

Face: Papier maché mask, plaster and painted with acrylics.

Claws/Teeth: Sculpey. Painted with acrylic paints and sealed with workable fixative.

Skeleton: Pink insulation board as a base. Worked into shape with papier maché and plaster. Painted with acrylics.
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Series Naruto
Character Six tails Kyuubi/Naruto

Undertaker^^ O.o cool does not even explain the wickedness of this I mean how many people do you find at a con that actually do a kyuubi, 1-6 tailed beast, or any of that it's freaking awesome ^^ Imma cosplay this at youmacon 2012

momoiru1994 cool O_O