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The armor was made for Gohan when he is in the room of spirit and time (hyperbolic time chamber), but I kept getting called Vegeta &gt;_<! So I actually cosplayed him instead for FanExpo


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Series Dragon Ball Z
Character Vegeta


Bulma&lt;3 You make a really good Vegeta! ^_^<3

basalate Hey! I made an account just to ask you a question, in deference to your sublime skill in cosplay costuming: How did you make the boots and gloves? I'm doing a realistic style Vegeta for Halloween this year (going all out, too. I just started a workout regimen) and I've got pretty much every other part of the costume figured out, but all I can figure for the boots and gloves is to try to reconstruct the design out of carded craft felt, but the task sounds daunting. The style and shape of yours is absolutely spot on. Any help or hints would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much. -JPasch

kamehameharry you must teach me how to make the armour!! please email me [email protected]

Moonangellovers Wicket costume! :-D cool!

wuwuisaac QuantumDestiny! where do you get your wigs and costumes? I'm thinking of doing a goku this year at Halloween. can you give me some feedback on how to make the wigs or where to get it? thanks Isaac

DRAGONBALLZ kk can you pleaase pleaase pleaase tell me how you made this, thank you message me bacck somehow

DRAGONBALLZ How did you make it you need to tell me cause this is what im being for halloween

pinittowinit yeah how do you make this haha

Bulma You MUST come to Chile *-*

Swanman24 I NEED your help with this, I don't Cosplay regularily, in fact I never have before but I need the best Vegeta costume I can get and that would be yours, I either want to pay you to make me one or just tell me how you did it, I need this badly, thank you very much!

icewind79 Beautiful work on your Prince of Sayians, Vegeta =) Amazing job on the wig =) =) =) What style of wig did you use for it?

Peppie-kun Yea... the armor is good.. your wig is perfect... you really do make the best Dragonball Z cosplays ever.. how on earth can you create such perfection x'D

MagentaGardens How did you make the armor? :D Epic cosplay <3 Sad to say I missed you last year at Otakon >: and I don't think I'll be going back anytime soon haha..ha... it's so far away Dx

Chabelita1011 I fell in love with your cosplay since I know that you like dragon ball but with this cosplay and idolize bone is VEGETA! I love my character and do not pass you the best Vegeta stay great. Some day I shall steal or rob your wig and your aramdura whichever comes first XD. I say goodbye and I hope you forgive me my bad English.

Afr0Blu3 Epic armour. What's it made from?

Chergnomebyl I LOVE HOW YOU'RE SUCH A DBZ FAN ^__________________^!

Videl_GirlZ I love your costumes

Chickah-Dee Hey, I met you and your sister at Fanexpo! Your costume was great and it was awesome to meet you! ;)

youmee400 Wicked cool cosplay too bad I didn't see you at the con

MisatoNpenpen You. Me. Next con. :D<3~