Pyramid Head

Silent Hill 2



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Created 12 years ago
Series Silent Hill 2
Character Pyramid Head


HallowsGrace Woah, you are an amazing Silent Hill cosplayer...! I love your Pyramid Head. It's like you stepped directly out of the game.

ichigoporto real nice ^^

Loveable-Eve You are so haunting, with a hint of that Silent Hill elegance.

donttouchmymilk Hey! Where are your new pictures at?? I know you've got them! ;)

ZerachielAmora Best Pyramid Head cosplay I've ever seen.

Daiseko I... love... you. :D

Ammie Your Pyramid head is soooo accurate, I'd probably be terrified to run into you at a con \O/ Seriously, this is so amazing!!! It shows how dedicated you are to the series!!! You Rock!!!!!!

amyrk2 Cool Pyramid Head costume! How did you make it?

Benevolent Wave It was nice to finally meet you yesterday; I really enjoyed talking. (Sorry again for being overly excited, my first con and all... ^_^;;) After seeing your costume in person, I still stand by my belief that your Pyramid Head is the best one out there. Hope to see you at Animazement. : )

ako_pah Your Pyramid Head is amazing, I love the color that you use....(^,^)

MischaU this is the most accurate Pyramid Head Costume I've ever seen, well done!

melvinopolis I saw you at Animazement. Your costume was fantastic.