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I started (and finished) this costume a year before Brawl came out. I had always planned to make armor, but have never gotten around to doing so. Same for getting a better wig.

More photos here (you'll have to search "Marth" in the tags since I can't hotlink individual tags anymore):


Ah, Marth. How special you are to me. So many years...

I had played Super Smash Bros. from the first game on the N64 when I was in elementary school, and Super Smash Bros. Melee held many good times over the years. I got into Fire Emblem in middle school after being introduced to Marth in Melee. Brawl was super exciting when it was released. (I found Marth's game remake for the DS disappointing, though.)

I kind of have a hard time saying more since Marth, Fire Emblem, and Smash Bros. had all played such a part in many memories and relationships of my childhood and teen years that it's hard to sit down and explain it all.

This costume I think might have to be my favorite of all my costumes, or at least the dearest in my heart. I put a lot of handiwork into it and revisited to make improvements. It's really comfy to wear, and I get lots of recognition, which is always fun. Many good times were had. I had intended to make armor from year 1, but I kept putting it off. Even after this many years of making do without, I never really stopped thinking, "maybe someday..."


• Tunic was sewn from a modified Civil War uniform pattern. Swirl designs on blue fabric were drawn on with a permanent fabric marker. Designs on gold trim were drawn on with 3D fabric paint. Gloves, cape, and knee bands werealso handmade.

• Sword was made from scratch out of door trim, a broomstick handle, and other scrap wood lying around in the basement. Belt buckle was also made from scrap wood.

• Sheath was made out of cardboard and hot glue.

• Red jewels (brooch, hilt) were cast from resin using household objects (gachapon capsule bottom, plastic egg half) as molds. (As seen in older pictures, I originally had made do with a premade button for the brooch and hot glue for the sword jewel)
Green jewels (pommel) were made of hot glue.

• Headband was store-bought and modified (cardboard accent + glass stone + hot glue)

• Shoebands started as store-bought headbands but were gutted and heavily modified. Studs, rims, and screws were all sculpted from hot glue with the glue gun and then painted silver.

• Wig was a cheap party wig I keep forgetting to replace.

• Pants were storebought. Shoes are nurse clogs. Oversized storebought belt was modified.


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eatmoreramen I will hunt you down at Otakon 2008 as I will be going as Marth from Super Smash Brothers Brawl! We will duel it out lol I'm making it part of my goal to find you lol