Princess Zelda

The Leged of Zelda: Ocarina of Time



My story is pretty much the same as any other person who has made a Zelda costume: I played a Zelda game and was like "OMG, I love The Ocarina of Time!!11!one! I want to dress up like Princess Zelda!!" Therefore, I made this costume, lol. I was about fourteen when I made her OoT outfit, so I honestly don't like how I made the armor, the skirt (which should have been a dress, I think), and several other things. This costume has been retired for quite a while, lol.


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Series The Leged of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
Character Princess Zelda


SakuraxTsubasa Wow, you were only 14? You are AMAZING.

waterfallrabbit WOW! This is definitely one of if not the best Oot Zeldas that I've seen! :)

kuromeru_chan why'd you retire this? it's absolutely amazing!!!

AmandaKitty Thats really cool! I was looking through a gaming magazine at some random store with my best friend and saw an add for a carftsmen in California that makes flutes like that too! ^.^

Jaquii No, I had my ocarina comissioned from this professional ocarina maker who lives in Wisconsin. There's no way I could craft an ocarina that actually made music! XD I did customize the mouth-piece so that it looked more like the actual OoT.

AmandaKitty Did you make the flute yourself? O.O if so that is totally amazing!

Haven So lovely! ^o^ You're making me want to cosplay more Zelda's! XD

BalthierFlare THIS IS DEFINITELY THE BEST OoT ZELDA EVAR!!!! XD ...OoT is the best Zelda' sho.