Ayumi Hamasaki


Yes, it's the requisite fanservice costume! Well, actually I also thought the idea was neat (being covered with leaves and all), and I have the album at home and I like Ayumi, so why not? It was pretty easy, although the bra wasn't cheap, nor were the leaves ($14 Canadian per vine!).

Needless to say, this costume was popular. I had a few people recognize me, but lots more were just "Wow, great costume! What's it from?" so I was glad I'd brought my Ayumi CD with me to show people. It was very nice not having to wear a wig for once, but the leaves did horribly tangly things to my hair.
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Series J-Pop
Character Ayumi Hamasaki

candyintherain This is lovely!! Although I admit that I'm not familiar with J-Pop, and if I saw you walking around, I might think you were Poison Ivy (from Batman). XD