Dr. Franken Stein

Soul Eater



This costume was alot harder than I thought it would be &gt;_< Still, I had ALOT of fun in this cosplay. Maybe one of my favorites yet :D

Screw: a mix of PVC piping, stryene sheeting, foam core, and hot glue, all attached to a modified gag arrow-through-the-head headpiece.
Shirt: Cut apart a t-shirt and a sweather and sewn them together, with some extra black fabric for the outlines of the "stitching," and glued on black fabric tape to simulate the "stitching" as well.
Shoes, pants, cigarettes, and wig were pretty much thrown together. Works well in my opinion.
Death Scythe: Wood dowels assembled together with a blade made from mat board, re-enforced together by Fixit sculpt and hot glue. The blade is removable from the pole.

My friend and partner (and now girlfriend of a year and a half as of writing this) Andrea as the lovely Medusa. :)


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Series Soul Eater
Character Dr. Franken Stein


Mitsukuri You're really a Perfect & a cute Stein ^^

Acton I'm really interested in how you did steins turtleneck shirt. x.x Its the next part of my stein cosplay that I want to work on. x.x I'm not good at sewing though, can you suggest any sources or any tips in general? D=

RobbyKun Thank you! :D

cliodnafae27 Nice costume!! Love the screw....awesome!!!!!!

Chi-Nasagawa That's awesome looking!