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I'm kinda in love with the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Karen O's my girl crush and my favorite costume designer happens to be the girl who designs the majority of Karen's stuff, Christian Joy.

Costume versions I've done:

Leather Jacket; from the Zero music video and on tour - Bought a pleather jacket, tore out the lining, and proceeded to hand stud the entire thing with over a thousand studs. Took forever: ~6 hours plus, the entire 1st season of Gossip Girl, 4 Jeff Goldblum movies, 09 Grammy awards, couple other movies and tv series, etc! I re-lined it with a red matte satin after I was finished studding. The back of Karen's jacket has her initials on it but since I wanted to wear mine out and about outside of photoshoots I put my own initials on mine.

Dress worn on 09 Letterman performance - this was the first of Karen's costumes I made. It's fully lined, the front is hand painted, and 50 more studs put in by hand! Made for Halloween 09!

Jumper worn on 2009 tour - Made this one for Comic Con 2010. I have the matching kimono in the works too! I drafted the pattern for the jumper, screen printed the design myself, then lined and studded it!

My 2010 Halloween costume will also be Karen O - the costume she wore live in Brixton 09.


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Series Yeah Yeah Yeahs (band)
Character Karen O
Variant Leather Jacket/2009 tour Jumper/09 Letterman dress


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