This costume was incredible to make. I hand-dyed the silk I used for the robes and for the purple piece. I hand-painted the purple piece. The cuffs and collar are hand-embroidered. The crown is embossed brass backed with craftfoam for sturdiness and set with a wire dome frame inside to help support the crown panels as well as the knob inside. There is more of the purple fabric inside the crown as well, and I used aluminum to make the dangly bit from the crown. The beads are hand-painted and strung and I made the boots. I don't know how many hours went into the embroidery, but it took well over a month and a half to finish fully. I love this costume. <3


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Last Updated 10 years ago
Created 10 years ago
Series Saiyuki
Character Sanzo
Variant Artbook, Salty Dog III


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