Chase "Talkback" Stein




On the way out to AX, I noticed Avianna was reading Runaways. I saw a kid on the cover who looked super cute with an outfit I already partially had and decided maybe it was time to also read Runaways myself.

I fell in love with Chase and his general attitude right off the bat, since he and I have a lot of similarities when it comes to temperament. The week before Ikasucon while I was in Iowa, I ironed letters onto a green shirt to make Chase's and borrowed Miri's goggles for Chase's holospecs.

I debuted him at Ikasu and plan on having a small group at Youmacon this year as well. Hopefully by then I can have the fistigons completed.


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Series Runaways
Character Chase "Talkback" Stein


krizzygirl206 Ahhhhh!! You're amazing!! Why do you live so far away!? (We need a Chase.)