MarineSnow as Rachel Alucard

Rachel Alucard

BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger

Default colours

Cosplayer: MarineSnow
Before I played the game or even heard of BlazBlue, my friend was convincing me to cosplay as Rachel because he wanted to cosplay as either Bang or Ragna in the future and so I googled the character and OMG! I love her costume & on the other note I already own a suitable wig as I was interested to cosplay as Fate from Nanoha and Utau from Shugo Chara! hence I brought a blonde wig with long pigtails. I eventually caved to cosplay as Rachel when I went to my friends house and played the game. She became my favourite character to play and was very difficult to control for beginners compared to characters like Noel and V-13, however she is completely awesome once I got use to controlling her. My friends still reckons I suck at controlling Rachel, but I won almost every battle *coughoneasymodecough* Rachels costume is also very ddifficult to make as one of the problems which most cosplayers will face is the gravity defying poofy skirt and rabbit ears, but I really enjoy a challenege and I hope I will get round it somehow? On top, there will be a BlazBlue group at Auchinawa 10, so I kind of pushed this costume forward.