She-Predator Machiko


Inspiration: I had been interested with the Predator after I saw Don Robert's predator face mask & after i watched the movie. I liked them. The predators are really cool. So I researched and found Machiko - female, human version of the Predators and we decided to make her since we always do pair costumes - its a trademark. ;)

Favorite aspect: Everything! How it all turned out well during the event. The mask, the color, the texture, the make-up. whew! I also liked how people recognized us and how they appreciated our costumes. I also have a mechanical plasma canon on my back controlled via RC.My sword and my alien head shield was also an attraction and the paint job we did was superb. ~teehee.

Hardest task/aspect: Everything! hahaha! It took us 3 weeks to finish this and even early morning of the PCC event we were still doing additional parts, painting, etc. I also had a hard time doing the hair as I need to braid it. hayz.The make-up was a challenge too because I'm not really familiar with goth make-up but it's nice it turned out great.I came really close to how she really looked like.hehe.Also the boots! It killed my toes!lol. My feet hurt later in the afternoon from all the posing and standing.The boots was kinda new and a bit tough still. There were also a few kids that cried and got scared when they saw us. T_T well, we didn't mean to. haha!

Costume maker: DR Industries chief executive - DonRobert

Photographer: Mark -

Other Info:
Date: March 27, 2010
Location: Robinson's Manila
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Series Predator
Character She-Predator Machiko

Maikafish way awesome! I love it XD

Bunnjamin incredepic! never seen a she-predator...and you have done quite nicely. love the armor work. mlar latrix

Otaku5 Nice!!!

SiveraChandler EPIC! I love your redesign, so fresh and new yet very true to the original.