Fullmetal Alchemist



Well, this is a very simple costume!
I did my nails with pastic and wood sticks at 3 am. at the eve xD so next time I'll improve them to get even better. But I didn't have time to do them better and earlier. Most about cosplay is inventing xD
The boots are... my mums xD She must be lust on spare time.
About the wig... I destroyed it xD I used my own hair. My problem were the red and white extensions and dread locks. No worries. Isn't Lust wearing red in her dress/arm gloves? Yesssssss... so it gets really well in there... at least it's acceptable!
The symbol was made by Eternal_Moon with Bourjour red eyeliner pencil and my lipstick is purple/black gloss from Yves Saint Laurent xD
My mascara is Maybeline xD
I have nothing I think it's important to say.
I hope you like :3

I got myself a wig! Will be debuted at the 8th of May 2010 at Anicomics (Lisbon)
The wig was styled in china, the symbol was made by my dad with rotring water pen and then dried with a hair drier and hair spray. The nails were made with black good quality card board. The lipstick this time is sephora, the same i used for my lulu cosplay. i used no other make up besides foundation, and a bit of eye shadow.


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Series Fullmetal Alchemist
Character Lust


Dharc very good job! bon trabalho! really i like it^^