The costume is entirely hand made except for the pants, that is a pair of jeans customized with all the belt & buckle designs ^^

The eyelets and sewing the belts in place was a nightmare! The pleather somewhat had a higher moisture content or something, the sewing machine had difficulty ploughing through the fabric, oh woes!

I also put my boots through the sewing machine, it was rather amusing I could manage to do that. This was done to sew an additional piece of leather design on the boot itself. The top is made from olive green linen fabric. I took some creative libery in the selection of textiles for the costume because this design only appeared in Black/White. I noticed Tsugir wears alot of natural colours like brown, earth green, and maybe some soft sky blue hues, so I decided to go with a olive green linen, pearl white pleather for the obi belt and pearl-rust in green for the leather belts on the black jeans.

It was fun to exercise the creative upperhand in selecting fabrics for this costume based on how well you know the series, the character's colour pallette. I thoroughly enjoyed it :3

The wig I ordered for this costume came in a very wrong shade, so I have to thank Lenneth for letting me have all 3 silver wigs that she had with her for selection. I'm eternally grateful T_T But the hairstyles of Alichino's characters are impossible to style, especially their front bangs...its so ...flowy, strand-y.

Well I tried. It looks passable. But if given a chance to cosplay Tsugiri once again, I will rework the wig XD

I'm very happy with the make up I tried for this character., In the series, they all have very beautiful eyes, I try to make myself look like I have gorgeous eyes as well, haha! It's fun doing make up, there is quite a few extra strokes of colour, and eyeliner in new areas of my eyes and it does show in some photos, I'm really surprised and pleased.

Will like to do more of this make up some other time for other suitable characters :3


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