A Summer Park Gathering Cosplay :D Mainly because I have more elaborate cosplays for Cons and also cause I can't take Percy to cons XP Also will be used as a back up for cons if something gets uncomfortable or messed up :3
I'm also growing out my hair cause I despise long wigs >>
I figured out my makeup on accident xD It's my usual daily make-up with eyeliner on the bottom so it makes my eyes narrower and more almond shaped like Poca's

My Dress was made with New Look's 6670 pattern and I just chopped off a strap and cut the bottom's shape :D It's made out of 2 dollar broadcloth from Walmart xD Saving money was a huge issue..the final cost was around 25 dollars

My Necklace was hand beaded and I might remake it to be more accurate but I really like it :D


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carladawn so cute!

MDA Lovely ^^

Lycorance oh my gosh, that is so cool...

AnimeLover10 Cute ^^