Rin Tohsaka

Fate/Stay Night



【"Sorry father, your daughter is very cold-hearted."】

Rin is such a great character and as I saw her, I knew I have to cosplay her! *_* She is a bit arrogant and really elegant.

Well, the shirt is not perfect, but comfortable and I like it. My favorite are Rin's hairribbons and the necklace. Posing as Rin is so nice, you can be strong and cool (but I have to practise this a bit more). My exboyfriend made Archer for me. We both love Fate/Stay Night!

But I need a new longer wig for her and I'm going to make her dagger, too. And than I will wear it again and make some better pictures.


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Series Fate/Stay Night
Character Rin Tohsaka


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