Allen Walker Crown Clown




This costume was a lot of sewing firsts for me. The first time was making Bias tape, first time drafting a pattern, first time ironing my costume (spend half the time iron bias tape, heat n' bond and all the seams). First time doing a proper pocket and with a zipper and bias tape edge.

Time to make it: sword on and off for four months (the one you see in photos is the 3rd version)

Jacket spent was one week on the pattern two weeks on making it and making an alteration on pattern lol

Accessories were ongoing for three months. Tim's body was the only thing I bought but altered his face.

Wig: day of AN, the one ordered showed up late so this wig was two wigs sew together Friday morning of AN.

I usually don't do main characters, especially scrawny ass teens, but I love Allen and his crown clown how could I not!

Also, Allen and I share the same B-Day Dec. 25th, so booyay for never being able to have a Birthday party on your Birth Day! But I don't think Allen ever got presents. T-T *hugs*


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Series D.Gray-man
Character Allen Walker Crown Clown
Variant 3rd Unifrom, third Unifrom


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