Amano/Advent Sephiroth

Final Fantasy VII



Alright, time for the outfit specs! After many years of being told to make a Sephiroth outfit, I waited for the right opportunity to do so. When Amano was arriving as a Guest of Honor for NYAF 2008, THAT was the opportunity I was looking for. Starting in mid-August and ending a week before the con, the outfit was completed and I am VERY proud.

NOTE: The reason why it's only 90% done is because I still plan to add things to the outfit (such as fixing the sleeves and working with the boots). That should be done soon enough.

NOTE 2: The design is actually a MERGE between Amano's design (such as the beads/scarf/jewels/belts) and Advent Children's design (such as the armor, bracelets, boots/sword). I did not just want to stick with one design, so instead I merged 2 designs to create a unique Sephiroth cosplay while still sticking to core designs.

HOPEFULLY that's clear....

Now then....

Wig: Bought online, styled by me.

Makeup: White eyeliner pencil and light touches of black lipstick.

Coat: Hand made and lined with pleather and black lining fabric. 4 feathers, silver beads, gemstones, felt accents, black beads, black lace, feather-like trim, and silver metal accents were added to the coat.

Gray Scarf: Handmade and accented with black lace, beaded trim, and gemstones.

Black Belt: Handmade and accented with black fringe trim.

Bead belt: Black rope braided with gray yarn, Black bead gatherings were added at the ends of the belt.

Gloves: Bought, then modified with steel bracelets. Bracelets were bought, then painted with silver frost to match the coloring of the armor.

Armor: Handmade from Wonderflex, a total of 8 pieces. All pieces were painted with silver and touches of black to create a metal texture. A drillbit was used to create the holes in the armor at the shoulders. Miniature jewels were added along the edge.

Soldier belt: Handmade from pleather. A piece of Wonderflex was sewed onto the back to make the belt sturdier. The symbol was done on a sewing machine by hand.

Pants: Bought from a store (real leather). Belt for the pants was made by me.

Boots: Bought from Hot Topic. Really comfortable to!

Sword: 2 panels of doorframe wood glued together, then sanded. Covered in Aluminum tape. Gold is painted Wonderflex. The handle is 2 kinds of fabric wrapped together. Charms hanging from it are an earring and beads together.


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Series Final Fantasy VII
Character Amano/Advent Sephiroth


adriannrod I'm planning on attempting Sephiroth for the upcoming Anime Vegas convention. I'm looking to see if you have any tips for me on making this costume. Please and thank you!

P KNIVES Oh my goodness! This is perfect. You've managed to capture the aura and essence of Amano's Sephiroth amazingly well. I hope you don't mind me saying so, but you are an inspiration to many beginners such as myself! You definately have a fan in me!

XXEdamameXX *glomps* I am so sad that I missed your debut of this costume. It really looks truly wonderful! I need to learn how you made all your armour. Incredible work. I hope to see you at Otakon.

Sephirayne Excellent costume. Loved how you've combinded the tow designs. Works really well.

genesisx9 Awesome sweet. Best Sephiroth ever. Epic WIN.