Jolyne Kujo

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure



I decided to work on Jolyne Kujo for a Stone Ocean cosplay pair for Metrocon 2009 with Tranquility6487 as my Hermes Costello. These are fun, flashy outfits and I love every part of them! Making the wig was extremely fun.. I used extra wefts from other costumes and an old wig I already had for the base. I also got to use stretch material again, which is something I really liked. All the "metallic" bits were cut out, rolled, pressed, and added by hand. I also got to do some beading, which I really have never done before. Making this costume was a challenge in many areas, and I'm really proud of the results. I only hope I can do Jolyne justice! ^_^


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Series JoJo's Bizarre Adventure
Character Jolyne Kujo


Krissay-face Fabuloooooooous! O: Hope I catch you two at NYAF!