Sailor Mercury / Ami

Sailor Moon



This is officially my first Sailor Moon costume^^ I loved the concept art Takeuchi-san drew for the anime series, and I'd been thinking of making one of these costumes, maybe with a whole group. I ended up choosing Mercury and cosplaying solo, as I needed a simple costume for my first US con and this one looked like it would be fun to make and wear.

I haven't seen anyone cosplay this version of Mercury before, even though a number of people were familiar with the art and recognized me - so I guess it's nice someone finally did it^^

I think the costume turned out OK and I adore the fabric I found, I just wish the skirt wouldn't make me look so fat &gt;_< But it's comfy... I only wish I had the fancy sunglasses/vizor and mic to complete the look, I'll try and add them someday.

I love my wig ^_^ It was custom-colored, cut & styled by me (I think I never used that much Copic ink on a single wig o_o)


There are no photos in this costume yet.

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Series Sailor Moon
Character Sailor Mercury / Ami
Variant Anime Concept Art


~*dreamwings*~ Your wig looks beautiful! The best mercury wig I've seen :D

GoldfishGirl I love the concept art sailors. They were just so much more cool looking. So, good job. I can't wait to see more pictures.