Azumi (Catgirl)

Tokyo Mew Mew



From a short story by Mia Ikumi which is the predecessor to Tokyo Mew Mew. Azumi is a Tokyo schoolgirl pretty much like Ichigo, she's kawaii and sugoi and she's in love with her classmate Noda-kun^^ But transforming into a catgirl all the time and having to fight nasty little aliens brings about a lot of confusion...
I loved the cute story and the clean and simple design of Azumi's dress (which looks easier than it is, though), so I decided to give it a go and finally make a catgirl costume =^_^=

Cost: 35 EUR (oh so cheap... lovely^^)
Hours: 30


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Series Tokyo Mew Mew
Character Azumi (Catgirl)


JiseiHakushaku YES! Finally someone cosplays as her. *absolute glee* You look totally adorable and it came out great! *applause* Great job!!! ^^

FuryKeaton-chan awww! So cute!

Kitylin Oh. My. God. XD I NEVER would've thought I wouls ever see anyone cosplay her~ You look adorable!