Touko (White/Whitlea/Hilda/Liza)




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Last Updated 9 years ago
Created 10 years ago
Series Pokémon
Character Touko (White/Whitlea/Hilda/Liza)
Variant Pokemon Black & White


evinonic Perfect!! i like it ^ ^ May i reproduce these awesome cosplays in other BBS? I hope more one will like it : )

Lurker111 Amazing cosplay... I have a question! Where did you get the shoes/boots for this cosplay? I'm having issues finding one that looks like Toukos.

rabe3ab wow! The best Hilda costume I have seen

ToukoSui I was curious as to where you obtained the second wristband. Shown in the picture where you were lying down with Mr. Jigglypuff :3 I was hoping to cosplay as Touko for my first time, your cosplay is very inspirational. :]

xLilMissGinger You're amazing!

Lion-Chan Where on Earth did you get your Xtransceiver prop? It looks exactly like the one from the game! Beautiful cosplay, by the way~

Will XD WwowW your cosplay Hilda really is a beautiful work, congratulations I loved your cosplay, I'm your fan XD

PuuNyaa Fantastic!

Bagel-Desu WOW You're a gorgeous White cosplayer! Great job :3!!

Alyxiane That's a VERY natural-looking wig. So jealous! ;w; <3

Ängël Ärwën perfect!


]+max-kun+[ ganial o.o . de 10 la verdad encima sos 100% identica XD

soren7550 Awesome!

Line-chan This cosplay is awesome... I love Touko! Do you mind me asking where you got your wig + ponytail? I've been searching for a wig like that for such a long time now, but I haven't been able to find one ;_; But well, again: AWESOME cosplay <3

Amilcar Awesome.

XepherMyu This is goregous. <3

Shapiard beautiful costume!!! and you are beautiful too

dancehakudance Wow!! That's awesome!! If you don't mind me asking, where did you find the bag?? I'm having trouble finding one like hers

RadeoSecrets 3 questions: 1. How did you find/make the hat? 2. What material did you use for the vest? 3. Is that your real hair?