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Yaone is actually a character I hadn't really thought of cosplaying, before I had a little chat with a certain friend I made at AX *nods ot Ginryuu*. Needless to say, it didn't take much to prod me into doing her.

Yaone was actually made out of a lot of materials I already had lying around- with the exception being the wig and the leotard. Most fun had to be the chains. I had chains around my neck, around my ankles, connected to my thigh-highs-

Okay, stop. Thigh-highs. No matter how many costumes I wear them with, the will always SUCK. ALWAYS! Even when they're chained to you, they don't stay up!

Getting past that, however. If there's anything I'm not really happy about with this costume, it's the wig. Not that it's bad, I just need to work on it, a little more, and keep if from constantly sliding back with the weight of the clip. Plus, the bangs need volume. Other'n that (any my belly sticking out, oddly enough), I rather liked it. First-ever shoe covers I made.


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Series Gensomaden Saiyuki
Character Yaone
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