RG Veda



Combination of outfits from the artbook. Long dress, jewelry from several outfits.

A lot of pieces for this costume are shared with other costumes (Kanzeon's dress and shoes, Hakkai's sash, Eve's bracelets, Veloce's leg warmers, elf ears, red veil and sash and bellydance jewelry that I had lying around). The rest (except for the wig, the pleather for the corset, and the materials for the sword) was made from materials I already had (red and gold jewelry materials, cheap filigree earrings, tooling foil and associated supplies (wood filler, aluminum roof flashing)).

Side pieces for the wig are wefts attached to wig clips (wig came with 2 ponytails; I took one apart).

Still need to finish the sword.


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Series RG Veda
Character Ashura
Variant adult form


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