Dance Central 2

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When Dance Central 2 came out, Draelight and I didn't really pay much attention to the Glitterati. But after we started listening closer to their songs, watching their moves, listening to their snark and noticing how creepy they were, we kind of fell in love with them.

We also really liked their outfits - especially the Street Style ones. We decided to make them for Katsucon 2012 but only had three weeks to do it because of a family emergency. So there are things we would like to fix/redo on these - but for now we're happy with them and we had a whole lot of fun. :D


@Tenel Ka
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Series Dance Central 2
Character Jaryn
Variant Street Style


DarrelBloodwing great cosplay ^.^ it is a shame that we didnt run in to each other that would have been great we sall a mo and glich there (we werent in our riptide outfits then)... sorry for the extreamly late reply on my bodie cosplay i dont log on here much ^.^

Aerrow Shapiro That's a proud favorite.