Erza Scarlet

Fairy Tail



Wig from (100cm Ivy, color: Dark Red) - Dark Red is the perfect color IMO - saturated and deep, not wine-y or purple-y at all, but definitely dark red. I'm so happy with the color. I still need to trim the bangs and length, though. I will be waiting on the length until the armor is complete so I can be sure it hits in the right place.
Shoes - Funtasma Gogo-300 boots. boring, but honestly the most accurate I've been able to find. No folded cuff, though. I think I'm not going to worry about it for this time...I've got too many other aspects I'm focusing on. If I have time I'll get a second pair and sew on an extra cuff.
Armwarmers - from Sock Dreams
Skirt - handmade
Shirt - modified from retail shirt
Earrings - 3d printed by Shapeways + commercial hoop earrings

Have bought brown contacts as well - Geo Bella Brown circle lenses.


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Series Fairy Tail
Character Erza Scarlet
Variant Heart Kreuz Armor Under-outfit


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