tsuki_nu as Yuuki Kuran

Yuuki Kuran

Vampire Knight

Artemis transformation (scythe)

Cosplayer: tsuki_nu
I decided to make this cosplay because my friends were coming to the convention as a grupal of Vampire Knight and my friend and I (girls both) had the same cosplay (Yuuki Cross), so I said that i was doing the "other" Yuuki.

The making was super hard, (the scythe), first i took my cosplay of Yuuki and just add it red contact lenses, but the scyte was quite a challenge: Mount board, automobile resine, plaster, and 3 different types of sands (of course hours of sanding) and spray-paint.

I get migraine for two weeks and im still sick, but I think it worth it because is the best scythe i have ever seen