Hikaru Koyama

Hinoi Team



Exact cost: 35.48 euros.

Making of process:

I think this is my last para-para contest. But I will still be dancing whenever I go to! xD. I went to the contest with one of my friends, both as Hikaru and Asuka, and danced "Play with the Numbers" and "Bad Bad Bad". We came out second place!

I wanted to use knit-silk fabric but there was not in orange, so I had to choose the same fabric I did use for Hikaru in 2011. Is called "antelina" (is supposed to be fake suede) in orange color and also orange tulle. I used big golden sequins and golden glitter nailpolish on the tulle.

I choose this fabric because even if you cut it with normal scissors, the thread doesn't come out on the edges, and I needed to cut triangles that couldn't be sewn. The tulle also didn't broke if I cut the triangles with normal scissors. So I basically took my measures for the top and skirt and did them straight, then cut both fabrics and sewn everything together. Later, I cut the triangles in both top and skirt and added sequins and glitter. The back of the top are just some straps of fabrics so I could attatch them to my back and neck.

I already had the boots from the para para contest in 2010, so I didn't have to worry about them. The wig I used is the one I will use for Rose/Yuuko/Enma Ai. I finally made a little orange bag with the fake suede fabric to store my wallet, phone and keys.


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