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This was a labor of love to put together and I'm so glad I made myself do it. This is definetly a cosplay that will see many cons. :)

I noticed, during my research, how much attention to detail the animators put into the design of her dress and I new I had to do this justice. The dress is made the way I belive Rapunzel would have really worn it if she were a real person. The dress consists of an underbodice with sleeves, a corset over the bodice and a seperate skirt with slip/peticoat underneath.

The underbodice is white satin I dyed using violet Rit dye to get a light lavendar. The puff sleeves were added from an ice skating pattern using the same dyed satin. The pink stripes on the sleeves are pink ribbon I sewed in place before adding the puffed sleeve to the bodice. There are actuall screen shots that show the dots where the stripes are sewn on the sleeves. (Tottaly blew me away when I discovered this) The lower, pink, sleeve is a soft light pink chiffon I doubled. They are not as long as I would like, but I think they work. The lace on the bottom of the under bodice, is dyed pink. All the lace is the same style and took me awhile to find.

The corset was made with a white cherry blossom brocade I dyed with violet Rit dye to get it a similar light lavendar to the underbodice. I realized early on that not only is it near impossible to find a similar pattern to Rapunzel's print, but trying to match all the different materials to one shade of lavendar would drive me nuts. This is why I chose to dye the fabrics. The corset is made in two halves with a line under the bust line like she wears. I added in bonning where it showed on the pictures. It is lined with a rose colored posh linning. I figured it would be all right to use a pink for the linning rather than having to dye more white fabric. It's acctually a cute addition. (not that anyone sees it) There are twelve eyelets on each side and it is laced with a pink cord. I'm still in the proccess of overcasting the pink trim on all the edges of the corset except for where the eyelets are.

The skirt was initialy made out of the same white satin as the underbodice. However, I could not find violet polyester dye and had to make a quick desicion. I found a purple crepe back satin I could live with and used that turing my white skirt into my slip. The middle panel was made form the same white cherry blossom brocade as the corset and was dyed a slightly darker lavendar, but when I got the darker purple material I had to dye it darker to match. The skirt and slip/peticoat are sewn together and hemed to match.

The wig became a love/hate relationship very quickly. I bought the main wig for a Designer Rapunzel dress for New Years Eve 2011/2012 and used that for the braid. I took an idea I heard on the Disney cosplay boards and used cotton batting to make the base for the braids. Some one suggested using old nylons to cover them and it would blend nicely with the hair. I tried this suggestion and was very happy with the results. I soon discoverd, the initial wig did not have enough hair to cover the cotton batting and needed more hair. I figured getting a second wig would solve the problem and could probably salvage what was left over for something else. I was alble to get three wefts from the wig but that was not enough. I had to go back for more, however, the wig had gotten severly tangled (fitting, I know) when I got the initial wefts so, I had to comb it out. Sadly this wig has one section which refuses to be untangled. I decided to just get half the wefts and make do. I ended up with just enough to spray glue to the cotton tubes without to many holes. I then braided the hair and added the flowers. Despite the issues and aggravation, the wig looks wonderful and I absolutly love it. :D

I finally finished the embroidery on this!! It took me 6 months to finish but it is well worth it. :)

The top and cuffs of the pink sleeves are embroidered with a pink embroidery floss. The skirt is embroidered with a light baby pink and light blue embroidery floss. It is all done by hand with spaces intentionaly put in to show the hand embroidery. I used an online toutorial complete with patterns to make the skirt. It's not perfect but that's kinda the point. ;)

I got a lot of great feedback on it on the con I took it to and I doubt I will be retiring this costume anytime soon.


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Anginet Awww my sweet Rapunzel!!! I have been looking for you since StarFest. I was Queen Amidala. Finally someone knew to look for you here. Your costume is fantastic. You are so awesome! Great work on the costume.

Aurora's Heart Thanks :D I'm glad you guys like it.

Mohmoh lovely

CatRapunzel I love your wig! :D You look FANTASTIC!!! :)