Emelia Levitt




An attempt at an incredibly less complicated version of a steampunk outfit. All my other steampunk outfits require pounds of accessories, so I decided to try my hand at creating an outfit that had the bare minimum of accessories but still retaining the steampunk image. My first time wearing it, however, was a little too clean for my taste haha. So, chances are, I'll probably redesign it a bit and mess up the clothes. After all, a street urchin the steampunk universe would hardly have any clothes a clean white.

The hat is borrowed from my sister; it was bought in a hat shop at Pier 39 in San Francisco. the tank top, button down, and pants were all from my closet; they're basic clothes you can get anywhere. I'll probably exchange those for more secondhand, roughed up clothes later. The belt, pocket watch, and rings I wear are from the other steampunk versions; the pocket watch and rings are, for the purpose of this outfit, "pick pocketed" things because, as a street urchin, that'd be what I'd do, of course. Lastly, those boots were purchased at Love Culture.

I also forgot my goggles for this shoot. It's very disappointing. But hopefully, since this is so simple, I'll have a better version soon. I'm hoping to a) remember the goggles and b) gather more secondhand clothes. I may also invest in looking for some sort of sideways bag, because that would be useful as well as aesthetically sensible, as an urchin.


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Series Steampunk
Character Emelia Levitt
Variant Street Urchin


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