Costume reworn and properly photoshooted at Ropecon 2013.


- The coat was constructed from blackout curtain fabric (:D), lining and faux suede. I considered using the yellow faux suede for the lining, too, but since this would've probably made the coat extremely hot and uncomfortable to wear, I ended up using the suede only for the inside part of the collar and the decorative details. The string thing in the front (you know, that thing which keeps the coat somewhat decent ;D) is made of suede with batting, and it attaches with snaps. For the shoecovers, I used the same fabrics as with the coat.

- The trousers were made of some of thick cotton knit fabric. I love the vibrant color, and the pants are soooo comfortable to wear, too!

- In order to construct the belt, I first modified a waist corset pattern (thank you Feeniks for lending the pattern!) and croated a "base" from the same blackout curtain fabric as with the coat. Then, I covered this base with the blue knit fabric and used the yellow faux suede for the decorations. The belt attaches with two hooks. I'm not 100% happy with the outcome, but it was the first solution I could come up with in a relatively short notice. I intend to remake the belt at some point.

- The "crown"/hair piece was made of wonderflex and spray-painted.

- The wig was purchased from eBay. The ponytail is a separate piece that attaches with a clip. The wig cost me a big penny, but it's totally worth the money!

- The necklace was purchased and spray-painted.

- I also made Leetah's pretty earrings but didn't apparently make them durable enough, since one of them broke just when I was about to wear the costume at the convention. &gt;.< I'm determined to fix this issue later!

-The ears were purchased from Aradani Studios, and I both colored the ears and tanned myself with the same dark-tone make-up foundation.

- I usually don't bother wearing colored contact lenses for cosplays (they're expensive to get with my specs), however I made an exception with Leetah. Her green eyes are simply too stunning, and the naturally colored contacts just finished the look wonderfully.

Costume icon photo by Timo Virtanen.


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