Dr. Shannon Abbey

Newsflesh Trilogy



"She was wearing an electric orange T-shirt that read DO NOT TAUNT THE OCTOPUS, jeans, and a lab coat, and was pointing a hunting rifle at the middle of my chest."
-Deadline by Mira Grant

"Her lab coat was open, exposing a bright orange CEPHALOPODS UNION #462 T-shirt."
-Blackout by Mira Grant

How can you not want to wear those shirts?! Now if I could just find a fake hunting rifle...

But I focused on the shirts first. The first time I made my own stencils and used black Jacquard paint. It didn't turn out too badly, but they weren't as good as I was hoping for. I ended up using a bit too much paint, which resulted in it bleeding and soaking through. Since then I found the Lumi Photo Printing Kit, which will be used to make another set of shirts. After that I'll be working on the little things: safety glasses, gloves, rifle, and a puppy Joe for my lab coat pocket. Eventually I'll figure out a wig.


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Series Newsflesh Trilogy
Character Dr. Shannon Abbey


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