Rhys D'Ivore




It wasn't too difficult of an outfit to make. Just started off with making a simple pattern for the jacket.

I first sewed in the trim on the sleeves before I sewed them together to be added to the jacket along with the cuffs.

I also made my own gold bias trim out of gold and white material I already had since I really don't like using the pre made stuff at the stores..

The additional collar was more tough to draft since it dips down lower in the back. I heatbonded down the white strips of material on it, then added trim and the bias I made.

The part that probably took the longest was his hair. I just went with the usual style he had of bed hair just in case I wanted to do more outfits for Rhys in the future. It was just hard to make it a mix of spiky in some areas yet also soft. I probably could improve on it a bit but wigs have been a learning process for me~ eheh


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Series Teahouse
Character Rhys D'Ivore
Variant Chapter 3 Prince outfit


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