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Anju has always held a special place in my heart. Even when I only knew her as the Cuccoo lady ;DDDD

When I first played MM I was really young and had no idea what was happening. But each playthrough of the three days I wanted to help Anju and Kafei ;A;
After picking up MM and beating it finallyyyyy a few years ago, I felt inner peace at LAST. FINALLY. The key was helping Anju and Kafei. But then it was off again because I needed to cosplay Anju.
There's that story.

Construction Notes:
Wig: This one I bought off of the marketplace! It was for Blank, and it's a spiking wig, but I tamed it for this style. I bought one specifically for styling into Anju's hair, but it got lost in the mail. QQ So this was a last minute wig styling, but I actually kind of like it.
Ears: Aradani.
Vest: I originally saw this vest and was inspired to finalllyyy make Anju. It's an 18th century reenactment vest, that was made by my dad. I love the dark red tone, and I think it is a good match for Anju.
Undershirt: A cotton lawn shirt I thrifted.
Skirt: I was sooooooooo picky with this color omg. Her art is blue, in game it is close to this color but not quite. So I decided to go with this. It's a half-circle linen skirt with an invisible zipper on CB. The white/creamish waist detail is from an old sheet, and functions as a waistband. The design on the skirt was made with a paper pattern, cut out of the old sheet and satin stitched on. The hem is hem tape that has been whip stitched.
Shoes: Goodwill find.
Moon Mask: Made from a mask base my dad had lying around. Details made with a sheet of plastic I found at Lowe's for $2. Spray painted/ adhered with layers of glue. Weathered with acrylic.

Since Anju is so humble and clumsy, I picked fabrics that I thought best matched that. The creams are worn and slightly dirtied. Linens make up most of the garments for a nice texture. The cotton lawn shirt really gives it something airy in contrast.
Like most of my costumes I altered the color scheme. I didn't like her art colors and the in game was really beautiful. But I didn't like her brownish vest so I went with red. c:


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