Yukari "Caroline" Hayasaka

Paradise Kiss



This is one of two costumes I made for the WCS 2014 preliminary with Inulein. We both love Ai Yazawa and her fancy fashion / coming-of-age manga Paradise Kiss, so we made up a funny/sweet skit with our favorite "Germany's Next Topmodel" quotes!

This Vivienne Westwood style tartan outfit is one of my favorites from the series. Since it's supposed to be high fashion, I used rather fancy fabrics: a heavy-weight, 60's vintage silk satin (in gold/cream) combined with glittery lurex tartan (in fuchsia/pink), as well as burgundy stretch satin. The original manga artwork is black/white, so I took some liberty with the colors!

For a more defined shape, the top has boning along the seams, the ruffles and side skirt are backed with interfacing and buckram.

Cost: EUR 300 (~ US$ 410)


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Series Paradise Kiss
Character Yukari "Caroline" Hayasaka
Variant Tartan / Happy Berry Fashion Show


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